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Solder direct from the Tin mines of  Malaysia. We recommend the lead free grade, XB-G227X-20. This is patented by Murata and used worldwide by Sony Corporation. Its alloy composition is Sn99.3% + 0.5% Cu0.7% + 0.2% Ge0.01% + 0.05%.

G227X alloy is consist of Sn, Cu and Ge as the major element. It presents as the improved alloy of SnCu which offer extra advantages.

Lower cost. If compares to SAC type reduce by 30%.

Low dross accumulated

No micro-crack, void, and bridging

Addition of Ge will increase the strength at the field. Ge when molten will form a stable thin surface oxide layer to make it possible to inhibit solder oxidation.

Please contact for more info and prices. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost savings.

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