HUG: FUJI Mobility Robotic Aid

Mobility support from bed to wheelchair

Hug is designed with supporting people who face mobility issues such as those that come hand inhand with old age in mind. From bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to toilet seat; Hug assists when needing to transfer to a sitting position or in situations where standing for a period of time is required, such as when getting dressed. Hug supports those who have the ability to stand on their own, but for a particular reason have limited mobility when standing.

Ready to use, anytime

Hug doesn't use a sling, which means that no time-consuming setup is required. It is possible to use immediately whenever it is needed.

Stress-free natural motion to stand

Hug doesn't just raise a person, but brings them forward in a sliding motion to stand, effectively distributing their weight to the backs of their heels and allowing the person to feel comfortable while standing up. Hug's mechanism does what no lifting machine has been able to do before, allowing a person to use their own strength as much as they are able.

Space saving compact design

The robot measures 56 cm by 72 cm, fitting easily into the bathroom or beside the bed, or wherever it is needed.

Free to move. Free to socialize

Even those who are reluctant to move because they do not wish to rely on others to perform heavy lifting can feel better about getting around with Hug there to do the lifting for them. This makes it thatmuch easier to get up and go, whether it be to enjoy a meal with family or friends,or to spend some time on hobbies or recreational activities.

Lessening the load for care workers

With a robot that can now take over the lifting work that has been the domain of care workers, there is less physical stress on care workers and back injuries.